Announcing: Spinnortality

So I’m working on this right now:

spinnortality logo

A game about spin, culture and control. At least I hope that’s where it ends up.

(Note: these shots are all WIP, obviously. The look of the game will probably change – you might notice the globe looks a bit rough around the edges especially.)

What is it?

Spinnortality is a cyberpunk simulation game where you play an insidious megacorporation.

It’s the future (isn’t it always?), and nations have coagulated into a handful of massive continent-states. You run a tech/media company ready to take on the world (both literally and figuratively).

A look at the politics menu; through my funding, the purple party just won the election

Ok, but what do I do?

  1. Research products
  2. Figure out how to advertise them
  3. Launch them
  4. Profit! $$$

So you might research software that automatically posts on users’ social media, or a metacritic-style ratings site for friends and acquaintances.

Generally these are nasty. They’re the kind of products and services that people say will erode liberties and brain cells in equal measure.


Once you’ve researched a product, you put together a think-tank who think up different ways to spin it to consumers, and then launch it.

The twist? You’re convincing people to sign away their liberties because they think it’s the best thing ever: because it’ll save them time or make them money or make them happy.

Launching a product

What else is in there?

  • There are different kinds of workers. You can also pursue research to grow or construct new worker types.
  •  The success of your product launch depends on how well your product pitch lines up with the culture of the nation where you launch it.
  • I’m currently trying to model democracies, one party states and “corpornations” (a form of government which runs like a company but controls an entire nation). Governments can be stabilised with capital but will lose stability if certain conditions are met; they can also transform into each other or collapse completely.
  • My immediate goal is to fully implement espionage, allowing you to destabilise nations or gain other advantages through nefarious means.
  • Eventually I want the player to become immortal as a machine god (hence the name).
Recruiting employees

When will it be done?

No idea! But I thought I should tell people about it.

Anything else I should know?

Yes: a big shout-out to @Norrtec, who was kind enough to make me the glitchy globe shader on his day off! I’m really grateful since shaders are beyond me right now; the final globe will look so much better thanks to this. 🙂


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