Pretty lights and tentative release date!

I’ve been making steady progress on Spinnortality. Some highlights off the top of my head:


Everything is prettier! The menus, the earth, the space background. I’ve tried to work on the game’s “fanciness” and I’m pleased with the results.


Players can now build institutions (ie. security academies, business schools, tech institutes) to gain more connections per turn. This will be useful since you need lots of connections to use espionage frequently.


A basic tutorial. I want to implement more tutorial modules but this one will do for now.


I’m still adding more random events, and trying to chain them into little narratives where possible.

Here are some more gifs:



Right now I’m aiming for a summer 2017 release date – I think I should be able to hit it, though life might throw a few curveballs in the mean time. 😛


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