Spinnortality: release date!

Hi everyone!

Release date set!

Big news first: Spinnortality, my cyberpunk management sim, now has a final release month! It’ll be out in January 2019. It’ll have German localisation, too, because I got a public grant! Woop!

(omg I just realised I never posted here about the Kickstarter. Well, um, it was a success! Thank you everyone! And I’ve been working on it fulltime since January! You probably already know this.)

Spinnortality progress

Work on the game has been going well!

We’ve got a board of directors who pressure you to finish missions, and activate a death chip in your skull if you don’t.

We’ve got a proper brain transfer system now, with eerie green biotanks.

We’ve got event emails from appalled members of the public who you can build friendships with, and then watch them crumble as your cyberpunk corporate values conflict with their own.

Game dev talk

Yesterday I did an hour-long (sorry!) talk at the Vienna game dev meetup: “From Nothing to Something: Making a Game with Zero Budget.” It’s about how I managed to go from having pretty much zero resources or budget or organisational skills to being able to make (and finish) small games in my spare time, and from there to make a big game full time.

It was great fun, and my first big game dev talk, so that was nice! 😀

It also features many of my mistakes, and how you can avoid them 😀

The whole point of this talk was to help people who might not have access to traditional gamedev resources, or a clear route to gamedev success, because I want as many games as possible to come from diverse, traditionally silenced or disenfranchised backgrounds. I think we’d all be better for it, and have more interesting games! ^^

Here are the slides if you’d like to take a look yourself. They include all the important information, except for the boundless enthusiasm that everyone got live ;D


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