From Nothing to Something: Making a Game with Zero Budget

So yesterday I gave a fun talk at the Vienna gamedev meetup! It’s about making a game when you have no resources or budget except for yourself and your time, and you maybe don’t have a traditional way into the game dev industry.

This was basically me when I was 22, but I hope it’s also useful for people who have been denied a traditional gamedev route maybe due to their gender or race or disability, or who have a new, exciting voice for gaming that might just be stifled in a big studio. The more varied creators we have, the better!

Here is a link to the slides – they include all the important information, minus my boundless enthusiasm and self-deprecating humour. (Ok so they have some self-deprecating humour.)

I also include some examples of game developers who I think are really clever with scope, and making super tight games that match their available resources. Like these:

Anyway, hope it’s helpful to some folks!


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