“Spinnortality: the whole journey”, a presentation

On March 5th I gave a presentation at the Vienna game dev meetup about Spinnortality, from its first week of development to launch week. It includes some tips on how to run a Kickstarter, an overview of how my life has changed from before the game to after its launch, and how I managed PR and general project stuff in the run up to launch.

If you’d like to know how I made a successful indie game that is making enough money to let me do another game, this is a good indicator. (Note, however, that I got really lucky and not all of this will be replicable for you.)

You can download the presentation here:

Spinnortality post launch presentation


5 thoughts on ““Spinnortality: the whole journey”, a presentation

  1. Thank you for sharing this presentation! It was really interesting to learn more about the process of making and marketing the game.

    Though, I expected to know how the name was chosen. Alas, between reading this and the Extras DLC, there’s no information.

    1. Oh! Yeah. Basically I wanted something tongue-in-cheek, so a pun was a good idea. My original vision of the game was as a jokey satirical small game, almost like a flash game. So I went through a bunch of names to do with cyber, or spin, or media, and eventually I realised that I could smash “spin” together with “immortality” and get 2 things in the title which were emblematic of the whole point of the game.

      Pity I’d lost sight of the fact it was a terrible name. XD oh well.

      You can actually see the name selection process in the “extras” peak. I can’t post here because apparentyl you can’t put an image in a comment. I’m frustrated that all the names I thought of *after* the name was fixed were all *way* better than literally all the ones I spitballed originally.

      1. Yes, exactly. It’s available with the soundtrack as a piece of DLC on Steam. It’s about 70 pages of notes from when I started designing the game up to launch. Fair warning though, my handwriting is awful and I can’t guarantee anyone but me will be able to read them.

  2. Thanks for sharing this post-mortem presentation! I was really glad to learn more about the process of developing and marketing the game.

    Though, I hoped to learn how you get to choose such a name for this game. Alas, no such luck 😛

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