Run a cyberpunk megacorp. Spin products, warp culture, manipulate politics, dominate the globe, become immortal.


skullMasques and Murder! 

Dance, study, and kill horrible men in Renaissance Italy. 10 gruesome and amusing death scenes!


godsarehungryThe Gods Are Hungry    

Lead a tribe on a prehistoric island. Try not to starve, and remember to pray! Watch out for hurricanes.


edenhallThe Luck of Edenhall    

Not-so-endless runner. Toss the cup to keep it safe! From the first V&A game jam.


FPSgame07FPS Generator

Why are modern first-person shooters so dull? One half of the “work of play” project.


final big 01Revenge of the Slot Machines 

How to make friends and extort money from people with numbers. The other half of “work of play”.



Kill people violently! Then bite off their heads! Cuter than it sounds due to pixel art.



Descend through hell, killing demons by bleeding on them. No, I don’t know what I was thinking.



Steampunk dystopian adventure. Only a demo, sadly. Also: hacking! With actual typing!


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