Made with: Darkbasic professional

Released: 2009

Compatibility: Should work on windows, but requires Direct X 9.0c. NOTE: even if you have Direct X 10 or above, you’ll still need 9.0c since it’s not backwards compatible.

Download here

The game’s as subtle as it looks.

A single-screen platformer-shooter. Three levels, each with a different gun. (The third one is the best.) Also, you bite people’s heads off to get ammo.*

I used to think the game’s message was edgy, clever and cool. Perhaps it was once, but it now seems trite. In any case, I can at least point to this game and claim I thought up the themes behind Far Cry 3 years ago.


* Perhaps my favourite thing about this game is that enemies will run away from you in terror, but only if they still have their head. I also find the headless sprites adorable. Your mileage may vary.

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