The Gods Are Hungry

Made with: Actionscript/FlashDevelop

Released: 2015

Play online here.


I first had the idea for this game way back in 2010. I started working on an early version back then but lost the source code and didn’t come back to the idea until 2013. So it took five years to go from idea to reality, and two years to develop – and it only takes half an hour to play! Ugh, crazy.

To be honest I think the basic idea behind the game (which I won’t spoil) is showing its age a little. If I’d finished it in 2010 I think it would have seemed much fresher. But I still think I’m happy with how it turned out – at least I can finally say it’s finished now!

From the game’s page:

As leader of a prehistoric tribe, it’s your job to keep your people fed, housed and safe.

But before long, you discover that this paradise is dangerous: natural disasters sent by jealous gods can wipe out huge swathes of your island, destroying your hard work. It’s up to you to decide how to portion out work and prayer: do you send that spare villager to gather much-needed food, or to pray at the Fire God’s shrine? Maybe those prayers will stop any future volcanic eruptions – which is good, right? But if your food drops too low, your people start dying.

This is a short game, over in about 20-40 minutes depending on how you play. In that time, the player goes from a tiny tribe of 2 people to an island swarming with villagers, covered in temples and assailed from all sides.

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