The Luck of Edenhall

Made with: Unity

In collaboration with: Andy Noelker and Tatiana Alisova.

Released: 2013

Download for Windows or Mac. A web version should be up soon on the V&A website.


My first game jam, and look what we came up with! The theme was “hidden stories”, and we were told about the so-called Luck of Edenhall, a cup which would destroy Eden Hall in Cumbria if it were ever broken. Spoiler alert: the cup’s fine but the house was demolished in the ’30s. Much sadface 😥

Knowing we didn’t have long (10:30am Saturday to 3pm Sunday) we decided on a runner game with a twist: you not only avoid falling into pits, but also have to protect the Luck. You can toss it in the air to keep it safe, and the fun comes from juggling the cup (literally) and your own safety (metaphorically). A nice touch is that the cup weighs you down while you’re carrying it, so if you want to jump a long way you can toss the cup first to give yourself more jumping power – thanks, Unity physics! *thumbs up*

Many many thanks to Andy, who was the other half of the coding team and offered a floor to crash on, and Tatiana, whose whimsical art and animation brought the whole thing to a new level. This was my first time working with an artist/animator and I learned a lot.


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