New game announcement: interrogate androids in “Silicon Dreams”

Hi everyone, I have exciting news: Danny and I are working hard on our next project, and we’re ready to show it to you!

Obviously all this is work-in-progress, the final game will be different etc etc.

Observe – and manipulate – emotions

Silicon Dreams

“Artificial intelligence: it’s never been more advanced, more convincing or more affordable! Believable humanoid androids are as common as smartphones. Some say androids are sentient, others that they are just machines – and let’s not even mention those “freedom for androids” troublemakers!

A lawful and subservient android will be treated fairly. Renegades and non-conformists, or those that glitch too often, will of course be terminated.

It is your job to tell us which is which.”

You must restrain your prisoner so they don’t run away, but this can easily frighten them.

In Silicon Dreams you play an android tasked with diagnosing bugs and glitches in other androids. Some might be technical errors, others might be… let’s call them “loyalty issues”. In a world where these sentient beings have all the rights of a smartphone, will you fulfil your function to the best of your ability, or betray your owners and join the android revolution?

If you’d like to read more, we did a longer blog post about it here.

One thing you should definitely know, though, is that we’re going to do a Kickstarter for it some time in February! If you’d like to make sure you don’t miss it, make sure you sign up to the mailing list for Clockwork Bird (our studio) so you’ll get an email when the time is right.

We’re really excited about this game: it’s got some mechanics and ideas I’m really fascinated by! I hope you guys like it too once you get to see more of it. 🙂


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