Spinnortality is on Kickstarter!

The title says it all, really:

That’s right, after 2 years of part-time development Spinnortality is now on Kickstarter! Follow that link to see the campaign and maybe perhaps make a small pledge? 🙂

I really, really appreciate any pledge you can afford, but if you want to help out in some other way I really need to get the word out about this. A short message on social media with the link will help a huge amount, but I know it can be awkward posting that sort of thing – so I’ve made a few tongue-in-cheek marketing images. I was thinking people could post their image of choice and it would feel more fun than just “um please back this kthxbye”.

Here they are – just remember to post this link along with them: http://thndr.me/mtXXK7

Here’s that link again: http://thndr.me/mtXXK7

I just checked the KS and it’s up to €729 after just 3 hours – that’s amazing!


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