Made with: Darkbasic professional

Released: 2007

Compatibility: Might work on windows, but requires Direct X 9.0c. NOTE: even if you have Direct X 10 or above, you’ll still need 9.0c since it’s not backwards compatible.

Honestly, though, this thing’s so old that I can’t even get it running on my own laptop. So no promises, sadly!

Download here

Created for, and winner of, the 2007 Game Creators’ text adventure competition! I was very excited about this, since it was the first game I ever released.

It’s a dark and storm-swept night far from town, and a mysterious figure approaches the gates of an asylum. Glyphs are carved into the doors and gates of this eerie place. It’s filled with forbidden texts and forbidding characters. The man is here to see one inmate. He arrived there recently, and can’t bear even the tiniest chink of light in his cell.

As you can tell, it’s inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. The story follows a nice to-and-fro between the framing narrative (the asylum) and the central narrative (the man who’s gone insane and is now telling his story).

I’d like to say that the writing holds up despite its age, but I can’t get it working on this machine. Like I said: no promises.

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