Made with: Darkbasic professional

Released: 2008

Compatibility: Should work on windows, but requires Direct X 9.0c. NOTE: even if you have Direct X 10 or above, you’ll still need 9.0c since it’s not backwards compatible.

Download here


Made for (and won!) The Game Creators’ 2008 text adventure competition. Set in a steampunk dystopia where all people are watched by the unforgiving Eye, a paranoid monitoring program gone haywire. Four groups seek to overthrow the Eye’s tyrannical rule; join one of them and spark a revolution! Featuring a surveillance/suspicion system and a parallel hacking interface featuring actual typing. (Having just replayed the hacking bit to get the screenshot below, I think it’s my favourite thing in the game.)

Sadly there was only time to make this demo, the first level of many.


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